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4 Results

4 Results is a consulting and training business in Poland that provides exceptional results to clients. The 4 Results team supports companies in a unique, holistic approach in key areas such as production, sales, supply chain management, people and business development, and business process improvement, all while focusing on effectively combining soft and hard skills. 4 Results’ key programs include existing methodologies of TPM, Quick Response Manufacturing, Lean Management, Kaizen, TOC, and WCM.

The work of the 4 Results team is an investment that is consistently paid back to organizations – most often the level of ROI is from 300% to more than 1000%. This is achieved through a professional team of consultants that are highly engaged in understanding client challenges and needs. 4 Results cares about your results


Polish, English


Europe, mainly Poland


Production, Sales, Supply Chain Management, People and Business Development, Business Process Development

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