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Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM)

Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) develops international, competitive organizations through innovation and continuous Improvement in all business processes in order to achieve world-class success. UDEM relys on two key factors: operational excellence to develop an organizational culture that is aware of its tools, systems and principles and their effect on the business results; and innovation to improve products, processes and systems through challenging the status-quo to achieve the competitiveness necessary to catch the business opportunities in the market.
UDEM works closely with all types of industries through their memberships and cluster projects. Within UDEM, the Division of Extension, Consulting and Research has developed a model through the expertise of academic staff, in conjunction with the knowledge of a consultants’ team, allowing them to fulfill customers’ needs. UDEM invites you to work with their experts, consultants, researchers, and technologists to help you in your path to success.


Spanish, English


Mexico, Latin America, North America


Automotive, Electronics, Services, Logistics, Food, Health Care, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Higher Education

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