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HKPO Lean Six Sigma Experts

HKPO Lean Six Sigma Experts (HKPO) is a small woman-owned business that has provided lean six sigma support and training to industry-leading customers since 2006. HKPO's resources have over 50 years of combined experience in lean six sigma methodology in the classified and unclassified federal government, healthcare, pharmaceutical and commercial industrial environments, as well as non-profit organizations. Across each of these complex environments, HKPO resources have trained over 10,000 individuals in lean six sigma methodology, and certifies individuals at the lean six sigma executive, champion/white belt, green belt, black belt, master black belt and lean facilitator levels.

HKPO provides project management to, and mentors customers during and after execution of business-related projects, as a partner to achieve major results from successful execution. HKPO also assists with deployment coaching to businesses and organizations starting lean six sigma initiatives, and conducts online e-learning through a blend of online and classroom learning opportunities with ASQ certified resources as trainers. HKPO also specializes in lean enterprise and standard work replication; Shingo Guiding Principles; lean six sigma and design for six sigma; business and strategic planning; supplier management and procurement; regulatory compliance; and FDA experience, process and product design.

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Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Government, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Legal, Defense, Wine, others

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Certified Facilitators

Drew Butler

Drew Butler

Senior Advisor

Drew Butler is currently a senior advisor for HKPO Lean Six Sigma Experts. In 2013, he joined Curtiss Wright (CW) as the director of operations for the oil and gas division in Houston, Texas, and was responsible for the implementation of lean operational systems and strategies. As CW’s Senior Corporate Operational Excellence Director, he led the development and implementation of the “CW Way” lean operating system throughout CW globally. With over 30 years of manufacturing and operations experience, Mr. Butler has served in various roles in the aerospace, consumer products, and mining industries with companies such as SPS Technologies, O.C. Tanner, and the Boart Longyear Exploratory Mining Company. He worked with the Shingijutsu Consulting Group and, for over 10 years, has been a senior lead examiner with the Shingo Institute where he evaluates world-class facilities that have applied for the Shingo Prize.

Jennifer Ralston

Jennifer Ralston

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Ralston is a multifaceted manager with a unique blend of experience in quality, process improvement, process engineering, regulatory, pharmaceutical, quality auditing, software quality, project and program management, change management and Lean Six Sigma. Ms. Ralston has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including the American Red Cross Headquarters' Bio Medical Services Division as the director of process improvement. A certified Master Black Belt and Lean sensei, she also managed the Red Cross' Lean Six Sigma program and computer simulations, and served as a senior change engineer, senior quality design engineer and systems design engineer. Ms. Ralston is also an auditor for several organizations such as AABB, CAP and ISO, and she has trained with the American Society of Quality as a certified quality auditor and certified quality engineer.