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Myelin’s senior advisors (former Tier 1 special ops personnel, FBI hostage negotiators, CEOs, intelligence officers and professional athletes) help continuous improvement leaders combine two methodologies when influencing staff to "buy in" to the company's operational excellence initiative. These methodologies include: 1) the brain science of intentional repetitions that the world's highest achievers use to rewire their brains, and how the leader's team can use the same steps; and (2) the skills used by FBI hostage negotiators and executive advisors of CEOs and professional athletes in influencing others during one-on-one conversations.


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Certified Facilitators

Jess Larsen

Jess Larsen

Chief Executive Officer

Jess Larson is a former private equity CEO who now runs a team of senior advisors with backgrounds leading Lean/CI initiatives at large organizations. He is a Certified Shingo Facilitator and enjoys spreading the Shingo Model beyond manufacturing to his CEO and senior executive clients, including at: a publicly traded company with 10,000+ staff in the building industry, an $8B government transit agency, a medical laboratory company with 4,000 staff, a $4B child welfare agency, the US Special Operations Command, a large private investment fund, and a $16B bank. A lifelong learner, Mr. Larson has read 500+ business books in the last decade and recorded 250+ episodes interviewing CEOs, authors, and experts like Ken Snyder, Gary Peterson, and Art Byrne.