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Alphadi Deutschland

Alphadi® Deutschland GmbH, located in the center of Germany, is a training and consulting company that covers Lean management, six sigma, quality management and sales with diverse industrial and service sectors. Alphadi’s® objective is to bring every industry the Lean Six Sigma methodology and its benefits to process performance. Since 2008, Alphadi® has successfully trained and certified more than 3,000 Lean Six Sigma black belts and has expanded expertise through more than 1,500 projects and case studies. 

Alphadi’s® Kassel facility has a Lean Six Sigma training factory with continuous and assembly processes. In addition, Alphadi® develops training factories that represent their client’s own processes while providing support through its application. Alphadi’s® range of services is rounded off by their own media that is created by Alphadi® Verlag & Medien GmbH in an in-house studio, which enables them to offer clients branded toolpacks with movies, single-point lessons and training material.

Alphadi® places particular emphasis upon the development of employees, and distinguishes itself through an internal five-to seven-year training program that continuously supports black belts on their way to becoming professional trainers and consultants. Alphadi’s® consultants believe the Shingo Model is the key for clients to uncover their highest performance.

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Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aviation, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Fashion, Consumer Products, Electronics, Service, Logistics, Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Solar, Printing, Software, Biology, Military, Security, Consulting, Foil

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Certified Facilitators

Dimitri Pitikaris

Dimitri Pitikaris

Chief Executive Officer

Dimitri Pitikaris is an LSS Master Black Belt and Shingo facilitator who has trained and coached more than 3,000 participants in becoming a belt (Master/Black/Green/Lean trainer and executives). As the founder of Alphadi®, Mr. Pitikaris continuously improves special training and consultancy methods and systems to bring out the best of opex/business excellence and/or Lean six sigma programs. His high knowledge for supporting any project in nearly every branch is based on customers he has supported within the last 22 years, such as Rexam and Ball in Europe. Mr. Pitikaris started as a toolmaker then worked as an associate (shop floor, R&D, technician, sales, Black Belt, etc.) before becoming a mechanical/industrial engineer and master of education. Within the last 32 years he moved up to management and leading functions. Due to this bottom-up approach, he is accepted now in every level of a business.

Steffen Trede

Steffen Trede

Director Lean Six Sigma

Steffen Trede is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and passionate full-time improver. He studied industrial engineering, quality management, and environmental management. Mr. Trede held various stations in industry (corrugated paper and food) before training to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He then switched from industry to academy and became a trainer and consultant. For more than six years, Mr. Trede has given successful advice to employees and organizations in the training and application of Lean Six Sigma. His day-to-day business is the transfer of knowledge and the coaching of projects or the training of CIP managers in companies and organizations. Mr. Trede accompanies projects in aviation, food, automotive, banking, engineering, and service. Apart from daily business, his passion is the developing of Train the Trainer concepts and his work as a certified coach for specialists and managers.