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Blom Consultancy

Blom Consultancy has been helping companies achieve better results for more than 25 years with a vision for the Dutch manufacturing industry to continue to measure itself with the rest of the world through continuous improvement. The core of what Blom offers is the Monozukuri: Lean to Flow philosophy, which connects people and processes with focus and attention on creating the product through pride, skill and dedication. 

Blom consultants, trainers and interim managers work through both the technical and social systems in an organization’s flow by using a practical approach for employees to learn to develop flow in processes, their own competencies and teams. In doing so, Blom has created sustainable (productivity) results in multiple organizations and sectors. Blom’s Director, Steven Blom said, “Helping the industry excel through continuous improvement and improve the working life of people. That is my passion!” Blom Consultancy creates value by developing flawless products and processes and long-term meaningful growth of employees.

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Manufacturing, Logistics, Food, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Government

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