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ARGOS Consultoria

ARGOS Consultoria is a business consulting and management company focused on implementing strategy in action, and provides cultural transformation that brings financial and performance results quickly and sustainably. ARGOS Consultoria integrates all the methodologies of continuous improvement and excellence with the business management. Through professional consultants with more than 30 years of experience, they have developed projects in Latin America and Europe.

Contact:   Paulo Yida   |   |   +55 11 94524-5959


Portuguese, Spanish, Italian


Latin America mainly Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia


Paper and Cellulose, Automotive, Packaging, Mining & Metals, Chemistry and Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Services

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Certified Facilitators

Paulo Yida

Paulo Yida

Executive Director

Paulo Yida is executive director of ARGOS Consultoria and has over 25 years of experience in operations excellence and governance, leading programs for multinational companies. His experience encompasses many industrial sectors, from automotive to paper, packaging, steel and recently pharmaceutical. As a consultant, he executed high-impact projects with companies in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Mr. Yida earned an MBA in marketing and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, and he is a certified facilitator for the Shingo Institute.