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Michiki Morgan Worldwide LLC

Michiki Morgan Worldwide (MMWW) serves international organizations when they have a critical need to improve the performance of their Japanese and Asia-based operations. The company focuses on developing strong global leaders that can lead operational excellence throughout the multinational organization in today’s fast-paced and complex world. Its hubs are in Atlanta and Tokyo with a network of world-class experts, consultants, and coaches across the globe to serve clients’ needs. 

MMWW has extensive experience in helping U.S.-based companies run operations in Japan, such as newly-formed, joint ventures and acquired or integrated entities in Japan. The company helps clients improve quality, performance, and profitability through building a cohesive culture that respects each individual beyond the obvious cultural differences. Clients can also call MMWW when they realize they do not have a strong leadership pipeline to manage and lead international operations and it will become a risk to their future, sustainable growth.

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Nozomi Morgan

Nozomi Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

Nozomi Morgan is the CEO of Michiki Morgan Worldwide. She leads a team of world-class experts who help international organizations with a need to improve quality, performance, and profitability through building a culture of excellence beyond cultural differences. Her diverse international background gives her a wealth of experience and knowledge as a trusted partner to organizations. Born and raised in Japan, Ms. Morgan values integrity, professionalism, and respect, which are core tenets of her deeply ingrained heritage. Earlier in her career, Ms. Morgan was appointed to open the Japan office for a US firm and continued to lead international teams and projects for industry-leading companies through complex situations. Her passion is developing global leaders that are courageous, kind, and want to do good in this world.