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BPI Group

Business Process Improvement Group (BPI Group) was founded by Dr. Andrey Sergeyev and Professor Alfredo Moscardini in 2008 as a management consultancy firm based in Kiev, Ukraine. The company’s mission is to bring operational excellence to the eastern Europe region, especially Ukraine, and to establish itself as the leading Ukrainian consultant of Lean methodologies.

With its partners, PwC Ukraine and Business School Krok, BPI Group initiated and runs an annual event called Lean Forum in Kiev. Lean Forum is the biggest gathering of companies every year featuring major international speakers from Lean Global Network, the Shingo Institute, TOCPA, and more.

BPI Group has conducted trainings and consultancies with most of the major manufacturers in Ukraine. In 2017, BPI Group set up a Lean Simulation Factory to run Lean Six Sigma trainings with practical implications. BPI Group is currently devising an in-house MBA program in operational excellence with a private business school based in Kiev with affiliations to two British universities.

Contact:   Andrey Sergeyev   |   |   +380 50 4710902


Russian, English, Ukrainian


Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt


FMCG, Agro, Automotive, Electronic, Machine Building, Power Stations

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