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Caldwell & Associates LLC

Caldwell & Associates LLC (C&A) specializes in the implementation of operational excellence and critical business problem solving. A Christian company, C&A is dedicated to providing services with integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and honesty. Its operational excellence consulting services allows organizations to achieve continuous improvement in operations, customer satisfaction, and long-term sustainable growth. C&A determines the best strategy to focus on cost reduction, throughput improvements, operational effectiveness, quality improvements, and team building. The goal is a world-class supply chain to the customer value stream. By implementing C&A’s systematic approach of operational excellence, companies experience higher profit margins, increased productivity, superior product quality, and a positive working environment.

Contact:   RC Caldwell   |   |   +1.937.367.6743




North America and Latin America


Apparel, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Defense, Government, Food Processing, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Steel processing, Warehousing

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