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GBMP is a not-for-profit located in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. GBMP's mission is to assist companies in implementing the philosophies and tools of continuous improvement (lean manufacturing and six sigma) to enable companies to compete in the global economy. Its vision is to contribute to the profitability of these companies by helping them cut costs, eliminate waste in their processes and increase capacity to ensure their future and to, ultimately, positively impact the creation of jobs in all sectors of the economy. GBMP is also a membership organization, enabling participants to pursue their lean education through public workshops, certificate courses, plant tours and a large library of exclusive online training content including podcasts by Bruce Hamilton, aka "The Toast Dude." GBMP produces an award-winning catalog of lean training DVDs for employees and managers with more than 20 titles from pokayoke to gemba walks, as well as lean tool simulation training games and books. These can be found in GBMP's online store at




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Certified Facilitators

Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson

Certified Shingo Facilitator

Larry Anderson has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and has been a Shingo Prize examiner since 1999. He brings both a strong management and manufacturing shop floor background to the GBMP team, with extensive experience as a lead examiner for the Shingo Institute. Additionally, he personally assisted two recent Shingo Medallion recipients. A people-oriented leader with a bottom-line focus, Mr. Anderson possesses exceptional motivational skills that come across both in the classroom and on the front-line. He is a registered professional engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University.

Daniel Fleming

Daniel Fleming

Director of Consulting Services

Dan Fleming brings 30+ years of experience in operations and engineering to GBMP including more than 25 years of hands-on experience learning, leading and teaching the principles and tools of the Toyota Production System and continuous improvement. Prior to his current role, Mr. Fleming was a continuous improvement manager at GBMP for 14 years and was the lead developer of GBMP's highly regarded Lean in Healthcare Certificate Course, which was one of the first of its kind in healthcare. Over the past five years, Mr. Fleming has been the lead faculty on programs taught at more than 30 hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes. Previously, he was the director of operations at United Electric Controls Company, a Shingo Prize recipient.

Bruce Hamilton

Bruce Hamilton


Bruce Hamilton brings hands-on experience to GBMP as a manager, teacher and change agent. He has spoken internationally on lean manufacturing, employee involvement, continuous improvement and implementing change, and has contributed to numerous texts on reliable methods ranging from visual control to variety reduction. Prior to joining GBMP, Mr. Hamilton was general manager of United Electric Controls Company, a 1990 Shingo Prize recipient. He led efforts at United Electric to transform its production from a traditional batch factory to a single-piece flow environment that has become an international showcase. His expertise covers both the technical side of lean manufacturing and the equally important soft skills needed to engage and inspire employees and managers.

Patricia Wardwell

Patricia Wardwell

Director of Continuous Improvement, Americas

Patricia Wardwell, with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, specializes in hands-on lean training and implementation in a variety of industries, as well as lean healthcare. Prior to joining GBMP, she was vice president of operations at United Electric Controls Company, a 1990 Shingo Prize recipient. Ms. Wardwell has been involved with continuous improvement efforts on the shop floor and in support areas since 1987 and has been a speaker at many regional and national conferences on related topics. She has led numerous cross-functional improvement teams in areas ranging from shipping to assembly to machining. She also led a team that successfully implemented a new, company-wide business information system and was co-leader of a successful ISO9001 implementation team.