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EFESO Consulting

EFESO Consulting has been active in the consulting industry for 35 years, supporting many of the leading global brands in both mature and emerging markets. EFESO has over 400 consultants with real world hands-on experience capable of designing and implementing client strategies and action plans worldwide. Consultants work from 26 offices globally and represent over 43 nationalities, working on over 900 assignments annually in over 70 countries. The organization's international scope and local delivery capability ensures that clients have access to specialist skills they require, whether at national, regional or global levels.

EFESO creates tangible and measurable results from the start of their engagements, and fees can easily be justified by the benefits they generate in top- and bottom-line. On average they generate a ROI of 5 to 1 in the first year of engagement, with a strong client retention rate of over 90%. The organization's focus is on the delivery of excellence programs through people, processes and systems, with an emphasis on human dynamics. EFESO calls it the E-Factor - engaging, empowering, enabling and energizing. Their clients call it success!

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Certified Facilitators

Ariadne Garotti

Ariadne Garotti

Managing Director, Brazil

Ariadne Junqueira Monteiro Garotti began her career as a manufacturing analyst at Pirelli Pneus then soon thereafter become a consultant in business administration and continuous improvement. She has consulted on many operational excellence programs in Latin America and Europe, especially in the industrial sector. Ms. Garotti has developed people management projects, including the creation of the concept “Corporate University.” She is currently managing director of operations at EFESO South America, responsible for managing all clients participating in the implementation of WCOM™ (World Class Operations Management), 6-Sigma, TPM, and Lean Manufacturing consulting programs. Ms. Garotti earned a bachelor´s degree in business administration from Pontificia Universidade Católica de Campinas and an MBA from Fundação Getulio Vargas.

Sandro Gonçalves da Mata

Sandro Gonçalves da Mata

Consulting Manager

Sandro da Mata leads several world-class manufacturing programs. At EFESO, Mr. Mata has worked in the field of operational excellence for more than 25 years with some of the most challenging projects creating best practices for clients. Mr. Mata has trained and coached leaders in several areas to reach world-class excellence, such as people development, quality, maintenance, focus improvement, Lean flow, EEM, health & safety and the environment. He has also led more than 300 loss prevention projects in different sectors such as automotive, glass, cable, plastic, ceramics, mining, pipe, foundry, abrasives and glass packaging industries. Mr. Mata was one of the first to win TPM awards by JIPM in South America, and he earned degrees in production engineering and business administration.

Rajinder Singh

Rajinder Singh

Country Manager & Chief Mentor

Rajinder Singh is country head and vice president of EFESO Consulting India. Mr. Singh has over 30 years hands-on experience in designing and implementing manufacturing systems based on lean principles. His rich experience with multinationals, such as Ford and Delphi, along with his passion for lean thinking has made him one of the leading lean consultants in India. As a consultant he has executed several high-impact projects with companies in India, Dubai, Egypt, Singapore, Germany, China and Mauritius. Mr. Singh is a certified facilitator for the Shingo Institute and holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from IIT Roorkee.