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Arches Leadership, LLC is dedicated to the development of leaders and organizations based on the principles of enterprise excellence. President and Principal Consultant, Robert Miller, has successfully coached and advised leadership teams in many industries and countries, helping them to understand how principles inform the ideal behaviors that lead to ideal organizational results. In ancient Greek philosophy the word "arche" meant "first principle" or "something that was in the beginning." The arch is a curved structure that creates a powerful support for everything that sits above it, just as a principle is the surest foundation upon which an organizational culture can be built. Arches Leadership is dedicated to helping leaders gain a deep understanding of the principles embodied in the Shingo Model and discovering the personal and organizational implications for ideal behavior required in a culture that consistently delivers ideal organizational results.

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North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, India, Australia


Manufacturing, Health Care, Financial Services, Insurance, Logistics, Non-Profit, Government

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Robert Miller

Robert Miller


Robert Miller is the founder, president and principal advisor for Arches Leadership. At Arches Leadership, Mr. Miller guides organizations worldwide in building sustainable cultures of excellence based on principles. Through his highly engaging teaching style, the best companies discover new paradigms that enable seeing and achieving greater potential. Mr. Miller previously led the Shingo Institute for eight years as executive director. During this time he personally guided the thought and development of the Shingo Model that is now fundamentally changing the way leaders think, behave and lead. As lead developer of the Shingo Model, and experienced as a master teacher for all Shingo courses, there is no one with a deeper understanding of the Shingo Model and all of the nuances behind each of the ten Shingo Guiding Principles.