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Forest Tosara Limited

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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a leading global pharmaceutical company, committed to providing consumers with access to high-quality healthcare. Teva is the world’s largest generic medicines producer, leveraging its portfolio of more than 1,800 molecules to produce a wide range of generic products in nearly every therapeutic area. In specialty medicines, Teva has a world-leading position in innovative treatments for disorders of the central nervous system, including pain, as well as a strong portfolio of respiratory products. Teva integrates its generics and specialty capabilities in its global research and development division to create new ways of addressing unmet patient needs by combining drug development capabilities with devices, services and technologies.

Forest Tosara Ltd. Manufacturing Facility Baldoyle, Dublin Ireland


Forest Tosara Ltd., a Teva Company is a medium sized Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company based in Baldoyle, Dublin, Ireland since 1984.The Company manufactures Sudocrem®, a water‐in‐oil emulsion cream, for the treatment of various skin conditions including Napkin Rash / Eczema / Acne and Pressure Sores. Its origins in Dublin go as far back as 1931 when the original Sudocrem® (Smiths Cream) was originally developed by Professor Thomas Smith in his Pharmacy in North Dublin. During those intervening years Sudocrem® has grown from a Pharmacy based product sold to individual customers, to a global brand that continues to grow year on year. The company manufactures packages and exports to over 50 countries worldwide. The brand celebrated its 86th anniversary in 2017. Sudocrem® the brand is regarded as a “Heritage” product in Ireland and as a “Super Brand” in the UK and is the No.1 selling product in its category in many of its exporting countries.

Site Vision / Strategy/Mission and Culture

Forest Tosara Limited has placed their customers to the forefront of all that they do. Creating value for customers is both their guiding principle and a programme they have been actively engaged in so that they meet their needs and expectations. Their commitment to fostering better customer satisfaction and loyalty has been embodied by a Company Vision “Sustain and develop our strong brand heritage through entrepreneurship, innovation and enhancement of our customer centric culture”. In support of the vision, they have developed a rolling three-year strategic programme across different aspects of the Company, to include Customer Service, Operations, Cost/Competitiveness, Safety/Quality/Compliance, People/Culture and Strategy/Product Development/ Investments.

”Enhancing Lives Through Soothing and Healing” has inspired the company to build a culture focused on achieving world class standards of Operational Excellence, Quality and Environmental Health Safety with world class behaviours. As a company they believe that to lead with Humility is to engage and empower all associates at every level of the organisation. They follow principles that govern the consequences of behavioural choices they make. Encouraging and enabling a culture of ideal behaviour leads the organisation to be consistent, and attain ideal results in all aspects of business.

Forest Tosara Ltd. is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce by embracing a culture that respects the unique differences and viewpoints of all associates. This is fundamental to the quality, innovation, growth and success of 2 their business. They are proud of the character and talents of their associates, and always welcome and support enriching new perspectives.

Environmental Health & Safety

Forest Tosara Ltd. respects all associates and wants all staff to leave work in the same condition as they arrived. Teva have developed their TARGETZERO programme, all staff focus on Safety awareness and environmental behaviours. Each week a different safety moment theme is generated and discussed across the site. It is the first item on the agenda at all meetings, huddles and tele-conferences. In addition to informing employees about specific safety issues, they also contribute to a corporate safety culture and behaviour that reinforce safe practices. This programme highlights the hidden impact of incidents, awareness and how behaviours can reduce unnecessary accidents, ensuring a secure and safer environment at work and at home. They are a zero landfill site since 2017.

Behavioural / Communication & Consultation Charters

In early 2016 they actively developed a Behavioural Charter which is aligned to core values (Show Respect/Commitment/ Continuous Improvement/Enterprise Alignment/ Integrity/ Leadership). The Communication Charter outlines the purpose, definition, philosophy and guiding principles behind their Communications Channels. In total there are 24 channels of communication across the site. Fundamental to their philosophy is an open, honest two-way and direct communication. Inherent in this approach is each individual’s responsibility to take the initiative to resolve concerns and actively seek out information when required.

Their ideal behaviours help to foster a constructive working environment whereby information, ideas and opinions are openly exchanged in an environment that is supported by well-developed process for communication and dialogue. The working environment cultivated is one of listening and responsiveness to ideas and opinions. Inherent in this approach is each individual`s responsibility to take the initiative to resolve concerns and actively seek out information when required.

Talent Development

The Company is committed to the professional development of all its associates to assist them in the performance of their respective roles. To that end, associates are encouraged to participate in accredited training courses that will benefit both the individual and the company. To date, 100% of all staff on site has received certification in a combination of Lean Manufacturing Tools Yellow/Green Belt and Six Sigma training with some also qualifying as Train the Trainers.

They also offer an Educational Assistance Programme giving financial support to those doing external, 3rd level training. Where possible all promotions are filled internally and the company have been very successful in achieving that goal. Innovation

The Company actively encourages employees to benchmark best practice, build networks; share learning’s that builds best practices into their operations. They set about using the 8 pillars of TPM building a robust programme in reducing defects, maintaining equipment and developing people maintain their own equipment. Associates are encouraged to conduct corrective maintenance, designed to further keep equipment from breaking down. Typical daily activities include precision checks, lubrication, parts replacement, simple repairs, and abnormality detection.

Following on from the development of their TPM Program, a SMED team was set up in 2009. Using the TWI model, and Standard Work programme, Packaging associates and Engineering SME’s developed work instruction manuals that support effective changeovers. Traditionally all Changeover`s were carried out by Engineering Technicians, resulting in variability between Changeover`s particularly spanning over two shifts. Changeovers were long, frequent and non-standardised.

All Changeovers are now carried out by Packaging Associates, standardised and reduced from 8 Hours to 1.5 Hours, leaving Maintenance Technicians to work on more value adding Engineering activities.

In 2014, a Kaizen Card (Good Observation) system was introduced that encouraged associates to suggest items for continuous improvement under the auspices of Operational Excellence, Quality or Environmental Health and Safety. Since its introduction, over 700 improvement observations have been raised, with 85% closure ratio to date 2017, illustrating the high level of engagement and commitment to incorporate innovation across the site.


As a company Forest Tosara Ltd. strategically interacts with customers through Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Supplier Performance Management (SPM).

This has enabled the Supply Chain Department to improve the effectiveness of relationships with suppliers and have a significant effect on business results.

Teva`s Global Quality Policy is the next part of the business strategy to which the site QMS is aligned. The QMS is what drives customer focus and is the base on which they run their business. Standard Operation Procedures, Work Instructions, Reporting Systems, Tracking Tools, Deviation Management, Change Controls, Product Review, Complaints Procedures and Corrective Action Preventative Actions (CAPAs) keeps the company focused on consistently meeting customer requirements, enhancing their satisfaction.

From 2011 to 2017 they have seen their capacity increase by over 50% while maintaining the same number of direct headcount and site footprint. Since 2009 they have embraced social media by establishing market-specific websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Through these avenues they are able to receive valuable direct feedback from consumers.

Sudocrem® has received numerous consumer and industry awards in recognition of its effectiveness, ease of use and reliability. On four occasions (2010-2013) Sudocrem® has been awarded the status of a ‘Superbrand’ in the UK. It won the Irish National Parenting Product Award in 2014 and won the Best Baby Skincare product at the Irish Maternity and Infant Awards 2009-2017. Sudocrem® is recognised as a heritage product that has stood the test of time since it was developed in 1931. As a Company they strive to continuously produce a quality product and ensure the loyalty and trust that consumers have for Sudocrem® is never compromised.


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