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Ball Beverage Packaging Europe

Naro Fominsk, Russia


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Corporate Overview

Ball Corporation is a leading global beverage can maker with a strong vision to make the can the most sustainable package in the beverage supply chain. To support this, Ball has a program in place called “Drive for 10,” which is a mindset around perfection with a great sense of urgency around future success.

These are the three pillars of Drive for 10:

As a global entity, Ball operates in 120 locations around the world, of those more than 70 are beverage packaging plants including joint ventures. The beverage packaging business has a volume of around 110 billion units a year and a presence in 30 countries with an excess of 12,000 employees in the beverage packing regions alone.

Ball’s job is to make those cans as efficiently, profitably and sustainably as possible so that customers can attract and retain the loyalty of the people who consume their products. This is why, wherever you go in Ball, you will see a common focus on operational excellence, innovation and safety to meet stakeholder’s expectations.

The vision at Ball is “We want to be close to customers and win more in the market.”

The Naro Fominsk Facility

The ends making facility (NARE), part of the Beverage Packaging Europe (BBPE) region of Ball, is in the town of Naro Fominsk, one hour southwest of Moscow. Construction started in July 2003 with Modules 1 and 2 delivering customers ends in early 2004.

NARE is one of four Ball End manufacturing plants in Europe, with 153 employees capable of producing 6 billion ends annually. The 5846 sq. m. facility is divided into four “Modules” (continuous flow processing lines) including six high speed stamping presses and a high level of automation on three of the four lines. Key customers include Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Carlsberg. NARE operates a 24/7 pattern of work where customer’s expectations drive them to perform at their very best every day.

Product and Process

The facility produces just one end size (202) but with two designs, Standard 202 and CDL 202. Through a combination of customer requirements including colored metal and laser engraving, there are more than 28 SKUs. The process has four recognizably phases: cutting and shaping from rolled aluminium stock into basic disc ends, sealing compound application, the shaping and cutting with tab (ring pull) attachment, and the finished ends packed onto pallets ready for dispatch.

A thorough approach is taken toward safety and training to deliver a healthy work environment and great customer service. Production is carried out and controlled using the concept of “Quality at the Source” which gives a focus on the quality of the process rather than the product’s characteristics.

Continuous Improvement

In 2000 NARE became part of a global Lean journey based on a specific set of tools and systems: Culture, VSM, 5S, TPM, SMED and Six Sigma. From 2004, progress has been annually reviewed in the form of an internal assessment and performance was awarded as a prize of Bronze, Silver or Gold. The factory achieved Gold within four years, three in a row from 2007 to 2010 and again in 2012.

In 2011 the Shingo Model was introduced with an internal assessment where the facility was the first end plant in Europe to be chosen for the challenge.

Ball involves shop floor employees on a daily basis in identifying improvements and encourages them to think systemically and scientifically. By sharing the strategic view, helping employees with resources, providing more freedom in making decisions and getting their feedback on ways to improve the factory; Ball believes they will be successful in achieving the vision of being the best end making facility in BBPE.

Every idea is very important; each kaizen event moves closer to perfection. Every year Ball’s strategic plan includes safety kaizen events, and for the last two years they have focused on people and behavior to reduce near misses. This approach is a major contributor in continuing the factory with over two thousand ‘Lost Time Accident’ free days.

As a part of the improvement process Ball has developed and embedded a quality improvement program named BBQ – Behavior Based Quality. This approach was born in this facility and is shared with the other end plants across BBPE.

Noteworthy Achievements for our Factory

Safety & Environment


Employee Morale

Cost Reductions


Ball’s mission, always, is to develop people into leaders that can take them to the next level in their journey to becoming the best end maker in the world. Employees are not just seen as a source of labor, but as process experts in the continuous improvement process.

The Naro Fominsk location is often used as a training base for all company Russian plants. Currently black belt training is in progress on-site for four Russian plants, with an added bonus for NARE to learn new things from those visiting the plant.

For more information contact:

Ray Howcroft

Lean Enterprise Manager

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