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Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, Naro Fominsk Cans

Ball Beverage Cans
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Our plant is unique in terms of the flexibility and range of products we manufacture. We currently produce these can sizes: 23.7cl, 25cl (Slim), 33cl, 45cl (Super Sleek), 50cl, 75cl, 90cl and 100cl (King Size). In 2017 we have plans to begin production of new can sizes, 15cl & 20cl and master the technology of manufacturing Retort Cans.

In addition to a vast range of can sizes, we can produce each size with a variety of external coatings: Gloss, Matt and Tactile; Thermo & DPG Inks and Internal coating for Beer, Soda and Cider.

Continuous Improvement

Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, Naro-Fominsk Cans believes Continuous Improvement is the keystone to build towards perfection in all business operations they perform in their company. At the start of their journey in 2000, they started with lean tools: 5S, VSM, TPM, SMED and Six Sigma. Annual Lean Audits were introduced to understand where they were and to define gaps.

On the way to Perfection, Ball Beverage sees Engagement as a vital tool for improving and sustaining the gains. That is why they spread the culture of identifying improvement opportunities on a daily basis. They share with their employees their strategic view, help them with resource, give them freedom in decision making and get their feedback on the way to improve the factory and achieve the vision of being the best in all of their processes and operations across the entire business.

Ball Beverage captures all Good Ideas from their people. All kinds of Kaizen activities that they perform on site help to focus people on the question: “how to make it better than yesterday?”

Since 2016, they have been implementing a Zero Loss Program as a common approach & toolkit on the way to cultural changes. There is a strong connecting link between the SHINGO principles and their real world demonstrating by a simple formula: SHINGO is about WHY, and ZERO LOSS is about HOW to achieve performance.

Naro-Fominsk Plant’s Remarkable Achievements

Safety and Environment

Ball and Naro-Fominsk are committed to the health, safety and well-being of their employees, providing safe and healthy workplaces.

Ball Beverage’s sustainability focus requires that they proactively work toward the goal of zero accidents.


Naro-Fominsk plant is certified under:

Customer Approvals

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The average length of service at the plant is around 9 years, and the plant has been a benchmark for many years for neighboring manufacturing companies in terms of their low turnover rate.

Every 18 months the company runs a global engagement survey. Twice consecutively, Naro-Fominsk provided higher than 90% engagement index, which means almost every employee participated in the survey aiming to express their opinion about work conditions, management style and main issues.

Employee Morale

Production Cost Reduction

Metal Downgauging across all can sizes:

Can weight reduction, %:

Lean savings: 115 million Roubles over 5 years.

For more information contact:

Ray Howcroft
Lean Six Sigma Manager
Direct Line +44 (0) 1924 834017
Mobile +44 (0)7766 160993