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Envases Universales Rexam de Centroamérica, S.A.

ECA Guatemala

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Corporate Overview

Envases Universales Rexam de Centroamérica, S.A. (ECA) was formed as a joint venture in 2007 by the partners Envases Universales and Rexam.

Envases Universales is headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. It is comprised of 45 plants in 7 countries. The industrial group has three divisions Food/General line, Plastics (PET), and Aluminum.

Rexam is a leading global beverage can maker with sales in the region of £3.8 billion in 2014. They have 55 can making plants in 23 countries and employ around 8,000 people. Headquartered in London, England.

ECA has four embedded core values: Teamwork (trabajo en equipo), Continuous Improvement (mejora continua), Loyalty (lealtad) and Commitment (compromiso). Teamwork to get the best outcome, Continuous Improvement that is always seeking perfection, Loyalty to each other in a respectful way and Commitment to our customers, our community and the environment. We have been committed to a path of Lean Enterprise across all of our operations as a way of putting our values into practice.

The Guatemala Facility

The Guatemala Can Plant, based in Amatitlán, Guatemala, started operation in 2006, by Envases Universales. In 2007, the joint venture took place between Envases Universales and Rexam, and Envases de Centroamérica, S.A. was born.

Of the 122 people on site, there are 98 involved in plant operations and management and 24 people are responsible for finance, logistics and sales. The 163,600 sq. ft. facility has one aluminum can manufacturing line that is fully dedicated to customers such as Coca-Cola, InBev, SAB Miller, Heineken and Pepsi, with a total production of 4.2 million cans a day. The plant operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we are driven to exceed our customer expectations.

Product and Process

The site is capable of producing one size of beverage can, 12oz., for 24 customers, resulting in over 440 active label options. The ability to continuously improve changeover times to meet requirements for smaller lot size requirements and make faster deliveries is at the heart of maintaining a competitive advantage.

To make a beverage can, the key process steps involve stamping and drawing aluminum discs from rolled stock to form a can shape. The cans are then washed before being labeled using in-line screen printers. They are then shipped to our customers’ filling locations across Central America and Caribbean.

Speed and quality are the key drivers of process performance and our SuperCEP (Statistical Quality System), Manufacturing Operations Management and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence provide real-time production data and process monitoring capability.

Continuous Improvement Process

Rexam became our partner in 2007, and after start-up, one of the Rexam became our partner in 2007, and after start-up, one of the company’s major contributions was the Lean Enterprise Culture. Rexam has operated a global system of Lean Enterprise since 2003, structured around building capability in specific tool sets of Culture, VSM, 5S, TPM, SMED and Six Sigma.

Rexam’s best plants were invited to participate in a more sophisticated assessment known as “Beyond Gold,” where the implementation of lean systems is appraised. A system of merit is used to recognise achievement starting at Emerald, then Sapphire, and finally Diamond. In recognition of our Lean efforts, the first Rexam Lean Enterprise Audit was 2012. The Guatemala plant applied to Beyond Gold assessment and achieved Sapphire level, and subsequently moved to Diamond in 2013.

Improvements are identified and delivered using a matrix organization structure with functional floor leadership we call “The Grill” (initiated in 2007). Between 2012 and 2014, 96 Kaizen events took place with 100% participation from the people of the plant.

Guatemala Achievements

Safety & Environmental


Employee Morale

Delivery Performance and Cost Reductions


ECA believes that its people are its most important asset. The ECA team started with no can making experience in the country of Guatemala. 97% of the people working at the plant are Guatemalan and developed expertise through a strong commitment to learning and improvement.

ECA is proud that we have retained and developed 70 team members (122 currently) since the plant startup.

Our location is used as a training site for methods and processes with our joint venture partners, Rexam plants from the United States, South America and Europe, as well as Envases Universales from Mexico. We enjoy having these people visit our plant because we always learn new things from them.


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