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Goodyear Americana is a passenger, light truck, medium radial truck and earthmover tire plant. Innovation through the continuous improvement has always been a part of the plant’s DNA. Every year, the plant develops more than 30 new products featuring new technologies aligned with customer expectations.


Lean implementation has accelerated a cultural shift in our people. The new paradigm is visible in our processes and products, which have grown the following results:

Safety & Morale

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

Environment & Social Responsibility


The process structure empowers and develops our people, and improves the engagement of our workforce. All process drivers regarding safety, people, quality, productivity, and efficiency of utilities consumption are reviewed periodically.


The Americana team’s vision is simple: Become the most competitive tire supplier in the world. To achieve our vision, we rely on associates to grow our business and satisfy customers. The team is attaining this goal by incorporating five values:

Safety: Safety is no longer a first priority – it is now our highest value. Goodyear Americana’s Total Safety Culture program demands associates internalize the value, both inside and outside of the plant. The program’s importance is solidified through the TSC flag flying in front of the plant.

Customer Satisfaction: We pride ourselves in offering the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity. Our products meet expectations of quality for customers. We focus on every component, every assembly and every cure to assure our pride is well-deserved.

Environment & Social Responsibility: We have the responsibility to leave the earth, air, and water in the same good condition it was when we built the plant. We have improved the area by:

Continuous Improvement: The Americana Plant works on the continuous improvement of its products and processes by giving all employees the opportunity to contribute with new ideas.

Organizational Capability: Reaching our goals requires a talented, well-trained workforce that feels passionate about the business. Ongoing training, certifications, evaluations and constant feedbacks assure the continuous development. The team is eager to improve the Americana Plant and achieve our goal of becoming the most competitive tire supplier in the world.


Goodyear Americana is part of a Marketing Complex. The site includes:

The first tire was built in 1973. Currently there are approximately 2,000 associates working in the plant 24x7.


Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. Together with its subsidiaries and joint ventures, Goodyear develops markets and sells tires for nearly every application including: earthmover, motorcycle, passenger, light truck and OTR truck tires. Goodyear operates 56 plants in 27 countries and employs approximately 72,000 associates around the world. Headquarters are located in Akron, Ohio.


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Goodyear do Brasil Produtos de Borracha Ltda
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