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This three-day workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to build upon the knowledge and experience gained at the DISCOVER EXCELLENCE workshop. It begins by teaching you how to clearly define value through the eyes of your customers. It continues the discussion about ideal behaviors, fundamental purpose and behavioral benchmarks as they relate to the principles of Continuous Improvement, and takes you deeper into the Shingo Model™ by focusing on the principles identified in the Continuous Improvement dimension:

The CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT workshop deepens your understanding of the relationship between behaviors, systems and principles and how they drive results.

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**DISCOVER EXCELLENCE is the prerequisite workshop,
BUILD EXCELLENCE is the capstone workshop.

Upcoming Continuous Improvement Workshops

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24 - 26 September 2018
Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Host: Gulfstream
Affiliate: Opex Academy

24 - 26 September 2018
Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Host: OC Tanner
Affiliate: GBMP

09 - 11 October 2018
Zwolle, The Netherlands

Host: Abbott Nutrition Zwolle
Affiliate: Xi Horizons Consulting

09 - 12 October 2018
Somerset MA, United States

Host: Horner Millwork
Affiliate: GBMP

24 - 26 October 2018
Chryston, United Kingdom

Host: Devro
Affiliate: The Manufacturing Institute

29 - 30 October 2018
Auckland, New Zealand

Host: Countdown
Affiliate: S A Partners LLP

20 - 22 November 2018
Lenzkirch, Germany

Host: Testo SE & Co. KGaA
Affiliate: Alphadi Deutschland

04 - 06 December 2018
Göttingen, Germany

Host: Novelis Deutschland GmbH
Affiliate: Alphadi Deutschland

26 - 27 February 2019
Phoenix, AZ, United States

Host: Assa Abloy
Affiliate: Key Performance Consulting

16 - 18 September 2019
Duluth, MN, United States

Host: Cirrus Aircraft
Affiliate: GBMP