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Lean Office and Service Simplified: The Definitive How-to Guide


Lean Office and Service Simplified goes beyond the basic tools and delves into the key concepts of Lean as they apply to office and services. Value Stream Management will be discussed first, followed by chapters on Standard Work, Flow, Level Pull and Visual Management. Further, each will be explored in tremendous depth and will provide a step-by-step methodology for each. Chapter 6 will cover several of the more important "tools" such as 5S and Mistake Proofing. These should be applied while implementing the key concepts covered in Chapters 1 through 5 in order to maximize the benefits. Chapter 7 provides a function by function review of the application of lean. Does lean apply to Sales and Marketing? How about Finance and Accounting? These are frequently asked questions that need responses. Functions commonly found in most all service organizations and the administrative areas of manufacturing companies are covered. It must be noted that the examples provided in this chapter must be implemented in the context of Value Stream Management in order to maximize the benefits. While the common sense nature of lean concepts will resonate with most people, the successful application of lean requires fundamental behavioral change in many people. People are creatures of habit, and therefore, will have difficulty changing. However, they can create new habits if sufficient time is allowed. The most common obstacles encountered will be addressed throughout the book, along with strategies to overcome them drawing on over twenty years of practical experience. This discussion will culminate in Chapter 8 "Leading the Lean Organization". The hope is that the reader will come away with the confidence to put into practice the well tested and proven methodologies provided.
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