Shingo Insight

Ideal Behaviors

The way people behave when they come to work has a direct impact on the bottom-line of any organization. Successful organizations have systems that drive their culture ever closer to ideal behavior and ideal results. The desired outcome of aligning behaviors (the culture) with principles of operational excellence result in continuously improving quality, cost, delivery, customer satisfaction, morale, safety and environment, or in other words, value for the stakeholder.

Shingo Insight Assessment

The Shingo Institute has been assessing organizational performance for over 30 years and has developed a methodology for determining the degree to which an organization believes the behaviors of its leaders, managers and associates are aligned with the principles of the Shingo Model™. It is a simple methodology, such that any organization can easily evaluate itself on a regular basis to help determine if the changes they are making to their systems are actually changing the culture (behavior) and impacting value to the customer (results). Shingo Insight Assessment is an organization’s internal view of its culture, as opposed to a third-party assessment.

About Shingo Insight Assessment

Shingo Insight Assessment is a web-delivered assessment that looks at the entire organization – leaders, managers and associates – and compares their behaviors to the Shingo Model. The assessment helps managers improve the consistency of their execution and performance by measuring and addressing specific factors surrounding the ten guiding principles of the Shingo Model. Furthermore…

Uses for the Assessment

What You Receive

The Details

The assessment is comprised of an approximately 20-minute online survey. The main section of the assessment is based on the principles of the Shingo Model. Each principle has three behavioral benchmarks followed by two to three questions, as in the screenshot below.

In order to get a meaningful sample, we ask that all leaders and managers in the surveying entity take the assessment.

The number of associates that will need to take the survey will depend on the size of the organization and the breakdown provided by the organization.

The assessment report currently has two levels of detail: a high-level executive summary and a question-level analysis. More information and images on the reporting will be released soon.


Final Report

Watch the following YouTube webinar to see a demonstration of the final report.

To talk to the Insight manager at the Shingo Institute about Shingo Insight, click below and leave your contact preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each survey take?

We found that respondents with a higher level of understanding, especially in the concepts of Lean/operational excellence and the Shingo Model, were able to easily finish the assessment in less than 20 minutes. Those who were not well versed in these concepts, with education or language barriers, found the assessment could take as long as 35 minutes to complete.

How much time should my organization plan to administer the assessment?

Plan to administer the assessment in your organization in a one- to two-week period, depending on the size of your organization.

How many of our employees need to be surveyed?

You are not required to administer the survey to the whole organization. We are aware of the time commitment and organizational resources this assessment takes. Please try to randomly distribute the survey to your organization in such a way that your sample will represent your organization (see “Scope” below). The closer to the pre-calculated sample size (see Pricing above), the more confidence you can have in the results.

In what language is Shingo Insight Assessment available?

Shingo Insight is available in English, French, Spanish, Slovakian, and Polish. If you have a significant non-English speaking population, please consider whether your English segment will be a representative sample for your organization and consider making the assessment available in other employee languages. You don’t want your results to be skewed!

Further Issues for Consideration


If your organization has multiple sites, we prefer you administer Shingo Insight Assessment in a way that gives you a clear and logical division between the assessed site and the rest of the organization. An example of this would be attempting to administer one assessment to several sites in different countries (overly wide scope).

In the same manner, avoid surveying subdivisions within a site or facility, e.g., surveying only the operations functions of a facility (overly narrow scope). In either case, the survey will not likely give meaningful insight into the culture of an organization, and again, will risk skewing the data.


If you desire to receive a copy of the questions prior to applying for a Shingo Insight assessment, you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You will be provided with an NDA once you have filled out the contact request.